Before I start talking about how poor I am and how you can help me out by sending me all your money, I won't. However if you really wish to do so, be my guest.

This project is all about making it harder for anyone to force there way into the University Intranet. By adding a CAPTCHA, the aim is to make it harder for for an automated process (eg. brute force) to take place and either allow an attacker in or add too much load that they provide a denial of service. This would prevent genuine users the ability to login and access resources freely available for their learning experience. Now we don't want that, do we?

With the extra authentication, I hope that it does not make it an annoyance to login as some users save their passwords to automatically login. This is still possible with your username and password, however you will need to answer the question in the CAPTCHA. The system has a block feature which will limit you to 10 attempts (currently). There is a reset after 5 minutes if no attempts are made. This will hopefully assists the web servers at the univerity and carry on helping our good users to use the system to continually study and rant on our forums.