Project Overview and Downloads

Over the course of the project there have been multiple findings, work documented and a presentation and project day. Here you will be able to download my work to see what I have done during the ten weeks of this project.

Gantt Chart
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Looking back at the timeline of work and the Gantt Chart (on the left) there was a lot of work to do during the project. All the downloads on this page are in PDF format or image files. The work started in March with a preliminary study stating what we were planing to do and how we were going to go about all of this work.

The project finished on June 6th with our Project Day. This was to show off our work to industry, University staff and even more importantly, second year students. This was to help them understand the work we managed to complete and to give them ideas (or inspiration) to work on something similar and maybe improve on our work and I'm sure they will.

In week seven of the project we had our presentations. This was where we were split up in groups of 8-11 students of various projects and accompanied by our Project Moderator. We had to give a 10 minute talk about what we have done, what we are currently working on and what we aim to achieve. After our presentations, we had up to 5 minutes of questions.

Download - Project Presentation
As the time went by the research had to come to an end and be documented up in the final report. Some of the research was added to my supervisors (Chi Nguyen) website and the majority was written in my log book. There is also an up to date timetable of work, my references and my report.

All the work was due in for 6th June 2008. This included the website code, mysql for the database, the feedback results and my final report. After the hand in we had one day to make a poster for project day and make sure everything was working correctly on the machine we would be using on the final day.

Download - Feedback Results
The questionnaire went out to as many people possible in all the University year groups as well as the University staff. There was 8 questions and an optional comments section. This allowed me to gather both qualitative and quantitative results. By the end there was 95 feedback responses. One was in the final week and was not added due to the report coming to an end and inconsistent answers would have reflected badly.

Download - Project Final Report
This report looks into the ECE Intranet and reveals a security vulnerability with the current system. It looks into the implementation of a CAPTCHA with a web based login page. There was a feedback questionnaire that required the participation of staff and students of the department. Questions were asked about the use of a new system and the analysis goes into detail about how the respondents would feel if there was a possible switch over.

Final Day of University (aka Project Day)

I always wanted this day to come but when it did it felt wierd as I never knew how to take it. Was it a good time, a sad time or what?. One thing I can say is that, it's like finishing a marathon and coming up to the last 100 metres.

At the start of the day the poster was up for the public to see. It was a quiet morning as the visitors were guided towards engineering projects on the ground floor. After two hours the numbers on the second floor would improve.

Download - Project Poster
In the last two hours I managed to speak to 10 people including: 7 people from industry, a couple of students and my supervisor. At one stage I managed to speak to a group of 3 people who were from the IT industry. These companies ranged from SmoothWall (in Southampton) to Cisco (in Reading). My luck improved during the conversion with the three people as Chi Nguyen and Victor Dunn were in the room. I had witnesses of this along with some hard evidence as Victor had taken some pictures (shown below).

Talk with three people in industry
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Talk with three people in industry

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If you look carefully at the right photo you can see my poster. The idea of asking a question was a good one in the end and that attracted attention with 3-5 other members of the public working it out. At the end of the day, it went well (even with the slow start). Now that I have finished University, the real work can begin.

If you would like to get in touch about the project, the website, the survey or the future work I plan to carry out, please feel free to contact me and I will normally reply back within 24 hours. Thanks you.