About Me

There is so much you can say with an about me page. The problems that occur are:

My family originates from India. My parents came over to England during the elvis years. They have been here since and I am fortunate to grow up in this country. From time to time we may have to suffer from discrimination but when you have a far better standard of living it's not something you worry about too much. Being well off (food, water, clothes and shelter) is what we should all be happy for (not how much money you got). Don't treat people badly because one day when you need some help, those people will help you (depending on how you treat them), so be nice to everyone.


I was born in Southampton (England) many years ago and have been here all my life. I went to my local schools. After school I went to college and got some A levels in ICT, Computing and Sociology. I also have an AS (half an A level) in Maths. Later on I went to university and completed a bachelors degree in July 2008. I have been working in industry in 2001 and have only been unemployed (through choice) during my last year of the degree (due to the large work load in the final year). During the final year of university there is no point wasting your time as you can improve on your degree result. It's only 1 year of your life and the degree stays with you forever.

Being the nice guy I am (I hope), I still keep in touch with around 10 of my best mates (they know who they are). An update to this is in 2016 I'm still in touch with my University friend Richard.