Whether or not you like music, you must have heard some songs before you read this page. Music is a part of everyones' life whether it's the new age rock or the golden oldies. For me there is no definite genre but if I have to choose then I would say RnB and Hip Hop. I won't say no to a song until I have heard it out.

You may be wondering who my favourite artist is or you may already know by the time you read this. The answer is Craig David. Why Craig David over 2Pac, 50 Cent or Snoop Doggy Dog? When I listen to Craig's music from his albums I like the majority of his songs. With many other albums there are 2-3 tracks I like and the rest I find not so good.

Craig is a local lad to my home town. Supporting the locals is a good thing. This is like supporting the local football team (which I do). Whether they are in the Premiership or even the conference, it wouldn't stop me supporting them. I have the same attitude in Music, no matter what has happened I wouldn't start to hate the music (ie. Michael Jackson).

In addition to English music, there are a number of Indian songs that I listen to from time to time. This includes both Punjabi and Hindi songs from a number of artists and songs from films. As with English music, if I like the first 30 seconds then I will probably like the entire track. I don't tend to like complete albums or songs that include a number of swear words.

In this part of the website I will talk about brief music moments that interest me. At the end of the day I don't want to copy and paste headlines you can just read elsewhere so please stay tuned.