Here I aim to talk more about the gadgets we use on a daily basis. Whether it's a new mobile, television or satellite navigation systems.

With all this technology around us, it's amazing how much is taken for granted. Over 100 years ago there were no televisions, radios, phones, computers and so on. People still managed to live, eat and have fun without any of it.

If you had to give it all up for a week, could you manage? Some people in society would struggle. Without communication between friends and family, they would just be bored. Does that sound like you? You should try it for a week and find out. Maybe those old board games would come to good use for once.

If you have ever been interested in any technological devices, you must have watched some of the best programmes on television. Nowadays the programmes that spring to mind are the "BBC Click" and "Braniac". Those of you that are hardcore enthusiates, must remember the programme Tomorrow's World. This programme should never of left our screens and I wish it would come back.

Using some of the news from television as well as other media sources, I will talk more about technological advances (that interest me) in this section.