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Amazon Products

Here are some items that we have used and may help you. Click on the links below to see more info about these items. If you cannot find what you need, please contact me and I will help you further.

Power Supply Chromebook (Cshare)

This charger has both USB A and USB C connections. This means you can charge most mobile phones.

The type c connector works with laptops too. I use with with a Chromebook.

Smart watch and fitness tracker (Aikela)

I've been working on my exercise over the last year and wanted to get my other half to monitor her exercise.

I use a simple band, but for her I wanted something that can monitor her blood pressure (BP) too. This is accurate with my smart watch and compared the BP result with an BP machine was good. My wife liked it and wanted her sister to have one too.

Battery Charger AA and AAA (EBL)

This battery charger includes 8 batteries so plenty to get going. Ideal when you have toys that drain on the battery quickly.

The cost saving with this version buying Duracell Ultra (also great batteries) makes rechargeable a cost saver long term. Leaving the premium batteries for simple items like remote controls.

USB C to USB C Cable 3M (Uni Accessories)

USB C to USB C cable. This can be used to charge computers with up to up to 100 watts of power. I used this with my Dell Latitude laptop.

This also works with mobiles phones. My wife uses it with her Samsung mobile.

Wireless Mouse (Tecknet)

Wireless Mouse 2.4G USB. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Plug the dongle in the back of your computer and no more cables needed.

Printer Paper A4 Ream (HP)

2500 Sheets sheets of paper. This is 5 times 5 packs of paper (500 sheets in a pack). Paper thickness is 75gsm.

USB Wireless Adaptor (D-Link)

Wireless Adapter. Giving your wireless connection on laptop or desktops without having to call out an IT expert to fix your computer. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

Amazon UK Deals

Some great items on offer that we often purchase.

Microsoft Windows (10)

Microsoft Windows 10 came out in 2015. Get the latest and best operating system Microsoft has made to date.

Microsoft Office (2016)

Get the latest version of Office from Microsoft. See the alternative versions available too.

More items are added over time. These will be shared along with a search facility.

Please ensure you have up to date antivirus software on your computer before clicking on links on our website or even any online website that may not be as it seems.

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Please note these are affiliate links. This does make me some extra money if you purchase the items. It doesn't affect what you pay at the checkout stage