The Championship ups and downs (season 2007/2008)

Who will win the league (that no one wants to win)? Who will go up?

After the 20th April, it's clear that 3 teams are left in the automatic promotion. West Brom have been fantastic and deserve to win the league. Stoke and Hull are fighting for 2nd place. Unfortunately, Hull lost this weekend and Stoke look favourates to go up. There is still the chance of Play Offs and what a year for teams 3-6 as there are only 4 points seperating them

As a Saints supporter, there is only one outcome I want. Stay up this year. 2 wins would be brilliant. There are 5 teams that could go down. They are:

  1. 18. Blackpool - 53 pts (GD -5)
  2. 19. Coventry - 53 pts (GD -9)
  3. 20. Sheffield Wed - 52 pts (GD -4)
  4. 21. Leicester - 51 pts (GD -3)
  5. 22. Southampton - 50 pts (GD -17)

Anything could happend in this league. Who would have thought that it will all be open. The pundits say 52 points would be enough. If Sheffield Wed win the penultimate game, then it's got to be 53 or 54 points. I say it's still a 3 horse race. Shefield Wed vs Leicester vs Saints

Please see the table below to view their remaining fixtures.

Dates Blackpool Coventry Leicester Southampton Sheff Wed
27 April 2008 West Brom (a)
04 May 2008 Watford(h) Charlton (a) Stoke (a) Sheff Utd (h) Norwich (h)

The fixtures in bold consists of key matches where a team is playing another team in (or near) the relegation battle. If you compare goal differences, Saints have the short straw. Lets hope it does not come down to this.

As a neutral, I would say to everyone to watch the Sheffield Wed vs Norwich game. We will know in a week. It will be interesting to see Stoke and Watford in the final game. Leicester have it bad if Saints manage to beat West Brom (a must win game).